Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We all have seen this advertisement (I am generalizing that everybody watches DD News) released by Ministry of I & B on the occasion of 62nd Republic Day celebrations.
I wonder from where the government got those smiling faces of villagers ploughing field and fetching water from well. The director of the ad must have been completely out of senses and I fail to understand if he was making a comedy movie or what in the whole world did he had in his mind while asking all the villagers (fake certainly) to keep smiling during the entire length of that hypothetical AD.
I think that there must have been an AD-Mad competition organized by I&B ministry and the winner would have been chosen for telecast. The government thinks that it can showcase anything no matter what the public would see it would certainly acknowledge it well.
H-R-B-N reminded me of the INDIA SHINING campaign kicked by BJP which finally got kicked over by the voters from the second term.
Congress got 2nd term purely because its stars were good. BJP didn’t have a core issue to speak about in its campaign (this is because of poor homework done by the party) and the party quite overtly lacked a strong stance in front of public. Moreover, people were already pissed off by Godhra Riots and were not willing to vote a party just because of its Hindutva campaign. The riots have already assured all muslim votes to congress and other local parties for a large numbers of elections to come. Apart from a weak opposition, Congress was able to woo the people at large because of the 6th Pay Commission. The pay commission fell in the last year of congress’ first term and people were in a high mood and it just rubbed off all the shortcomings of the ruling party (majorly price rise). In the rural areas NREGA was able to influence people to continue voting for the same party. NAREGA was definitely a shot-in-the-arm for the congress. It helped the party to dispel the burden of CPI(M) from its shoulders as a coalition.
Four years down the line, the price rise continues but the paychecks don’t swell anymore, NREGA has been renamed as MGNREGA and the minimum 100 Rupees wage rule is being curbed by the govt citing budget problems. To add to the colors, 2G scam, Balck money, Adarsh society scam, Wakf board land scam, Radia Tapes (barkhagate),CWG scam…...etc( I don’t remember the rest right now). According to Mulayam Singh-‘Each new born baby comes in this world (INDIA precisely) with a debt of Rs.2200 because of all these shoddy dealings’.
Apart from these scams above, govt. fails to provide justice and resolve issues like- Maoist, China Border issue, Dr. Binayak Sen, Aarushi murder, Telangana, Gorkhaland, Prasar Bharti (Mr.B.S Lalli), talks with Pakistan…..etc.
Our honorable P.M for whom I HAD immense respect, has been so moulded by politics that firstly he doesn’t dare to answer all such cases and secondly he calls for a press conference through video conferencing and that to with his favorite editors who must have been given a list of questions to be followed strictly and may have been directed aswell regarding who will ask what. That is why nobody raised an eerie over why govt is not ready to declare the names of all the people accused of hoarding money in foreign banks and why govt. is planning for an amnesty for such people. Dr. Singh certainly deserves a role in Hindi films for playing his scripted role well. That was certainly a role-well-played as a new comer in the industry.
And still the govt. wants us to hum H-R-B-N.


  1. nice post again...goin intellectual... n its black money, do correct the typo... :)

  2. thanx yr....bas aapke piche piche:)'ll be done.

  3. REALLY....its ho raha bharat durmaan!!

  4. Very well said,I certainly agree with you.