Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Placecom

"Why Placecom?
- because I want to work for the larger good of the entire
Its a thankless job, so why do you want to work for rest of the
- I don't believe in earning accreditation from others and
rather work for my personal satisfaction"

Well that was THE statement which helped me become a placecomerrrrrrrr!
I write this blog to sum-up my feelings for this "Blooohhhddieee Job".

Truly speaking I have had one hell of a time in placecom. Apart from calling HRs and getting scolded by them, I recall some fantastic experiences as well.

I have been on two trips on behalf of department in the last two years with one of them being to my hometown itself. I was able to rope in a company from Delhi - a task accomplished with herculean efforts.
The joy of getting someone placed in a company converted by you, the disappointment of not even getting shortlisted in a company converted by you, handling the conflicts of students who don't like the company, art of selling students to the company and vice-versa, being part of the privy league and the excitement of discussing things with the fellow placecomers in a hush hush tone, whether  performing poorly in academics or sleeping in class and inadvertently blaming the placecom work as an alibi every time ;) .....the experience goes on and on. I lived through every conflict within the team - sometimes even losing cool at others but then that was the learning which is hard to experience in any other committee.

Placecom has become ingrained in my blood itself with its side-effects hurting my social circle. I don't feel free to discuss about companies with my close friends. Even on fb if I find an old friend the first thing I check is - where is he/she working???

So that is how I have changed over the last two years. I wish to have remained a placecomer for the rest of my life but that is not possible... so now I move on to dawn a new role in a new company but in the same city :P