Thursday, May 26, 2011


“Why do I fall in love
with every woman I see...
who shows me
the least bit of attention?”
Well, this is a dialogue from a movie, and it struck me so hard literally that I went into awe with myself.
I don’t know whether it is applicable to any other person or not but one thing is for
Sure, I stand accused by that statement as I think this is not what LOVE is all about.
Thus, I find myself incapable of LOVE.
There is one more peculiar thing about myself. So far, at any point of time in my life, I have never been able to choose a particular Girl as to which I want to get hitched with. It has always been a confused state between two-three girls.
I spend days and nights, figuring out as to who would be better as a life partner for me (though I know that I over estimate my capabilities of winning over somebody during such times) and try really hard to make up my mind so that I don't wander anymore.
And then, after a fair amount of juggling, I give it up, thinking that LOVE ain't cup of my tea.
You see, at such times I really fret over the fact of being an agnostic person. One doesn't have anything to rely on, like to get some kind of hope only, that this one aspect of my life would be taken care by some super being. I would wish to seek some divine intervention to send a cupid for hitting me and the chosen one for me with some arrow so that it all happens by itself.
At a personnel front it seems to be one hell of a task as to first you get into friendship with a girl and then you start going around with her and then one fine day when you decide to tie a knot, you open your heart in front of her, Oh god!! This would take months if not years to get to the destination.... I hate this slow pace of life, but can't help it folks.
All that then remains is a fleeting feeling of getting bonded with my love.


  1. Have patience, love will happen to you when the time comes. When you will stop looking for it, it will come to you (i know my comment is an oxymoron. Life is like that only, isn't it). All the best for your quest :)
    Read this post when your quest will be over :)

  2. jab bhi koi ladki dekhu mera dil deewana bole ole..ole ...ole... :D :D
    kudos dude...awesome...

  3. Sh@s thanks alot for empathizing with me, I'll keep this in mind :)).

  4. @Unruly Rebel....well that's a one liner for the entire post. :D

  5. You know, not many can say what you said openly..kudos to you:)

  6. Hmmm...Thank you very much Nehha;)

  7. When is the next post coming up? :)

  8. Hi Nehha.. I was preoccupied for some time..So here is my next creation,its a naive attempt though ;P.