Monday, July 16, 2012

To be or not to be!!!

Ours used to be a male-dominated society and it still is very much (leaving aside one political family), but we can certainly acknowledge the fact that slowly and steadily women have gained considerable status and rights in the society.
Now, a new kind of monster has grown large. It hits a female and destroys her life. The culprits are inhuman, brainless, mentally sick, shameless males. No matter how much I abuse them it still is less for such bastards. The recent incident in Guwahati, the one before in Kolkata, well the list goes on and we also have a huge number of unknown cases that go unaccounted. Moreover, the acts of stalking, teasing and ogling which are generally not considered to be serious offences but they definitely affect the stalked, teased and ogled person.   
With all this shit going around I believe that today any girl faces one question as to be a girl or not to be? Rather she should dress up like men with boy cut hair and no kohl, no earrings (even if the males can enjoy that sense of fashion) , in other words to devoid her of any kind of feminism. Or she could also take to wearing veils in which only eyes are revealed… well some bastards could even then go mad after her eyes only… so better cover them as well.
You see, some maniacs are hell bent upon making the feministic traits a curse for women. Just because one has a trunk hanging out down there doesn’t give him the right to decide upon the way a female should move around in the world.
I agree that we have very rich and unique cultural values and that the growing westernization is making females more outward. But if she feels more comfortable in shorts then that doesn’t give anyone the right to ogle at her legs or pass lewd comments. If she likes to put up kohl and gloss etc to look good; because it makes her feel good and confident; then it doesn’t mean that she is trying to impress the males around, she wants to be stared at or she wants people to approach her.                                                                                                                                                         Com’on man get your acts right. Just let HER be HER.
Okay, incase you come across a girl regularly and like her because she looks great: go talk to her at once calmly, see if she wants to talk or not, get to know her gradually and if she is not interested then just mind your own business.
The fact is that a brother, father or husband cannot accompany the person everywhere. So I request you all to be aware and prevent any such incidents around you. It is a basic moral value to help your friend/classmate/colleague or even an unknown and to save them from such harassment.

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