Friday, June 1, 2012

मुक्ति और मुक्त

Another thought and its desire to be involved in emotions, the thought,which will lead to  purge these emotions, led me to write this.
Of what use our lives are.The way we live our lives is guided by the dreaded word of,'arguably the only truth' of the world, death. The acts and actions ,the will and desire all are
are bound  to this five letter word.The day when we were born we never realized that we have to die, eventually , ironically ,consciously and unconsciously 90 percent of our lives is wasted in the strife to euphemise the uncertain death.
But, what makes the 'arguably the only truth' a dreaded word.The answers are difficult to find but easy to perceive.Probably that's what the human nature precisely is, to be driven and not to drive.
If everyone has to die, how different my death will be or What difference the difference in my death
will be to this world. I did not come to this world with my due consent,but I can leave it with my will. or just I have accepted the bitter truth and these are the words to beautify my exit.

The life is marked with coexistence of conscious devil, consciousness. The devil which connects being
to the world with emotions. The emotions ,sometimes disagreeable, yet, are signature of  life.
Had one does not have elation ,anger , love, fear,jealousy   of what certainty his/her life was. I am alive to my surroundings, my emotions,which are my discernible facts, which in turn live by me.But it gives rise to a question.
 With my death these discernible facts will die or with their death I will die?

Might be some day somebody will find answers to these ironic questions. But inability to find
answers to them gives me freedom. A freedom to guide my life, way I wish, not afraid of any uncertainty.


  1. Hari's signature style blog. Nice post dude.
    Let me know whenever you find the answers ;)

  2. Thanks NJ.. Your comments are always overwhelming.. inspire to write more.. :)