Friday, March 2, 2012

Wow Wow.

Ahhh... another great morning. On most of the days I wake up to the sound of opening of gate of XYZji’s house, except, when one of my mates gives a call for me. XYZji, I must tell you, is a very punctual person and he goes to buy milk every morning. So after he returns I eagerly wait outside to get my share.

Ya ya ya... How can I talk, right??? Let’s not get into the details right now. I have got many things to say aka bark about.

My next source of food is THE GARBAGE GUY. I don’t leave an opportunity to snatch a packet or two from the bugger’s cart while he is making rounds to your houses. It is one REAL mission impossible task for me and I do it every day... Huhh and look at you lesser mortals, you make movies inspired from us. So, who’s the Don now.. hmmm?

After successfully accomplishing the..the...Hey I hope you don’t expect me to remember the sequence number of the mission now as I do it on the daily basis.

After the breakfast I spend my time counting the number of cars and bikes crossing my colony gate. Helllooo..I don’t do it to increase my QUANT level, rather I have nobler cause behind it. After matching the daily count I secretly vigil for any extra vehicle leaving or entering the colony. It’s your mistake that each time you pray that the police would catch the thieves and I seriously think that police is hand-in-glove (YES I KNOW WHAT IT MEANS) with the thieves because they would interrogate every other person but ME. And why should I volunteer to give answers, after all, I need neither your praises nor your reward money.

Afternoons are usually somnolent (AGAIN..You know what I mean). Generally, during summers I would submerge myself into the luxury of some cool drain and in winters I prefer to go for a sun bath.

I must tell you that I hate your kids. They are a complete mess. In the evening I have to find a suitable hideout, possibly under a car, just to escape from their eve-teasing. It’s just that they are your kid that is why I keep some regard else I would have given them a strong bite onto their buttocks by now.

Before proceeding further I want to put up a question to you, "Why do you people sometimes use my caste to call each other?" I fail to find an answer for it. What is the matter, come-on, say it.

Coming back to the topic, I even go for a stroll in the evenings sometime. A couple of days back I met her...Ummm... I don’t remember her name now. You see, we are basically into a live-in kind of relation with our spouses and that too for a few hours only, so that doesn’t give much time to know about each other and moreover, with frequent change over it is hard to remember everyone’s name. I think this is a boon as well as a bane for us. We never really FALL IN, what you common people call, LOVE and then certainly there is no FALL OUT as well. Though, one thing which I find common in both of our communities is that even we have a fierce battle over a common goal.

As a dark sheet, with tiny pores and one pore which keeps changing its shape, envelopes the light above, I realize that it’s time to show presence at XYZji’s door again. You people sit down to have your last meal of the day and I never miss out on its share. Usually, I get some crumpled pieces of bread dipped in milk and sometimes I even get to devour upon flesh (I DON'T MEAN THAT NOW) and bones.

After you guys go to sleep, it is the moment of “This is our TIME” for MY community. I play with my peers, make loud noises to tease you people or find a paper/ polythene to tear it to pieces again and again. At times I get lucky enough to find a garbage pack outside someone’s home and that makes for a bonus over the meal and a decoration material for the road as well. In the end, I climb on one of your cars, which make very comfortable bedding for me.

Well that’s it, you, too many in numbers, people. Signing off now, Wow Wow.

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