Tuesday, January 24, 2012

NOID(E)A !??@#$*&

I write this post to mark my 1st anniversary of working in NOIDA. Over the past 12 months I have realized that each day is in some sense similar to many people working across different offices here. I wish to touch the lives of almost of all the people working here:

A no. of people wake up at the thought of…. WTF aaj bhi office… huh.

B no. of people would leave for office without taking a bath because they are already late.

C no. of people would shower their anger over the fellow riders, even pedestrians at times.

D no. of people would swipe Metro Card to finally get down at City Center Metro Station.

E no. of people would find it hard to park their car near office.

F no. of people would mark their Presence (just a smile to the Lead is enough… no matter where you catch him/her) and leave for an hour or so…. to have breakfast.

G no. of people would check news or browse anything for that matter (as to do a BONNIE for the day, you know just a little warm-up for the fingers and eyes) before getting down to work.

H no. of people, leads or managers in particular, would ask: “Ha bhai, Tum kya kar rahe ho aaj?”.

I no. of people would answer that question stammering: “Sir, woh kaam… mila tha….” and thinking: Shit, saale ne subah- subah hi pakad lia.

J no. of guys would ping J+X no. of girls asking her for a coffee.

K (K=J, is highly probable) no. of guys would suffer a heart ache because of the negative reply for the above question.

2^L no. of guys would suffer a heart ache because of the positive reply to one guy.

M no. of guys would announce their marriage.

N (N>>M) no. of girls would announce THEIR marriage.

O no. of people would drop a mail: “Sweets at my Desk…”.

P no. of people, after having sweets and saying Congratulations :)), would wonder about the reason for the sweets.

Q no. of people would think that nobody does the same amount of work as they do.

R no. of people would think: “I will leave this job forever….. Someday !??**%$@&” :P

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