Saturday, October 15, 2011


We all must have seen a couple in which one of the persons has looks to beat any popular star while the other person is of no match what so ever in terms of what-meets-the-eye.

And then quite normally we question ourselves as to what the hell did the former see in the later. I have come to a conclusion in this matter.

You see the person, let’s call X, with decent enough looks, would hardly ever go out-right in wooing somebody. There is this one personal thing called ego which gets fired up every morning when he/she looks into the mirror and quite often compliments himself/herself. So, an innate desire sprouts up that somebody should heed to his/her personality.

Now, there is the other person, let’s call Y, who is quite aware of the fact that he/she doesn’t stand near X and would have no answer to it but being goody-goody to him/her. So, Y would then take a shot at X, thinking that he/she has nothing to lose, and go about being friends with X and then flattering him/her with his/her nice behavior.

What happens now is purely on how the chemistry builds up. If Y, by shredding his/her ego, satiates the ego of X, then, bingo, the shot is on target. This is an ideal symbiotic relationship.

X has the satisfaction that he/she got recognized by such a wonderful person as in Y and on the other hand Y has the satisfaction that he/she was worthy enough to win over someone as good as X.


I may be wrong. Do correct me, if you feel like.

No offenses to anybody.


  1. Hahahaaa....your analysis are sometimes seriously amusing :D

  2. @Nehha:well amusing would be an understatement, and this would be more of confessions rather than analysis... :) :)
    @NJ: replied on your part, fellow author you see... :)

  3. Why call it confessions, it should rather be OBSERVATIONS. I have been a mute spectator so far :D