Monday, August 22, 2011


All of us are aware of this word. Chupan-Chupai (Hide & Seek) is one game which all of us would have played in our childhood. Now as we have grown up, almost none of us play it anymore, so the two words DHAPPA & ISPIES have got erased from our dictionary.

But during my college days, I realized that DHAPPA could still be very much used to describe some freaking situations.

Let me give you certain instances.

Scene 1:

I was in physics lab of my college and waiting for the teacher to arrive. As usual everyone was busy talking and there was considerable amount of noise in the lab.

I was ambling around and then I noticed that our teacher was walking towards the lab so to calm everyone down I shouted "A Gaya Oye A Gaya". Moments later the teacher entered and shouted looking at me " Haan A gaya Main".

Now this is called DHAPPA.

As the cliché goes, the rest is all History, so lets not discuss my grades in physics :P.

Scene 2:

I was standing with 5-6 friends near canteen and we all were enjoying verbal volleys between two of our friends.

As usual the flow of abusive language was on full blow. Suddenly, a hand taps my shoulder and......"All of you give me your ID Cards"….. DHAPPA.

A professor well known for his atrocities against students caught us red handed. We could have said that we were not involved but we were warned by our seniors "Never Ever Argue with HIM".

More than anything else, we all were feeling ashamed of the fact that we were just 2 months old into our college life and to sit at home after getting rusticated would bring much amount of scolding from our families.

However, professor succumbed to 6 pair of folded hands and 12 pleading eyes.

Scene 3:

This one is from my school days. Its a nasty one :P.

I was in 3rd class and I was getting my Math Copy checked. My teacher saw a couple of mistakes and after checking banged the copy on my head......Well it doesn't end here. Rather it gets started now.

As I picked up my copy and started to walk towards my bench I mumbled "Moti kahi ki"...... I still find it hard to swallow the fact that she actually heard me and I still remember the itchy feeling on my cheeks after getting a couple of shots.

This is called BAD Timings or DHAPPA per say.

Scene 4:

One fine evening, I went out with my family to have dinner. After the dinner we came out but my brother was no where around us. We all kept waiting for him for about 10-15 minutes. And then I saw him standing at a nearby Ice Cream shop just across the road. I quickly crossed the road in anger and pulled his shirt from behind saying "Yaha kyu khada....(DHAPPA)... Sorry, I thought ki mera bhai hai".

Well..well..well, he was just another boy with just the same shirt as my brother was wearing that night.

Scene 5:

Yesterday one of my friends called me over to his college’s fresher party. He is into second year of MBA and being senior he assured that he will carve out everything for me. I readily agreed as who would not like to have good food, good booze, good DJ free-of-cost.

It all started very fine till I went over to get a refill in my glass just when my school-time classmate bumped into me. At first I pretended as if we were complete strangers and hurriedly looked to make my way through the crowd but then she caught the better of me. She shouted at full pitch of her voice “ Arre tu yaha kasie. Main toh aaj pehli baar dekh rahi hu tujhe. Konse batch mein hai tu.”..…DHAPPA….. I actually used some other words instead which won’t be proper to write here.

There went down all the winged-feeling. I somehow stammered my way out of her intimidating questionnaire and the ill-fated party.

Finally, here I am, writing some of my DHAPPA moments so far, thereby completing my post which was pending since a long time for the want of one more such instance.

I hope that through this post I’ll be able to add another word to your current vocabulary :P.


  1. The teacher one, where you called her 'moti' was hilarious ;D :p

  2. Haha...Thank you Nehha. :)